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Roblox Isolator: full walkthrough w/ side-by-side perspectives

Roblox Isolator: full walkthrough w/ side-by-side perspectives

This side-by-side comparison is intended to show both player's perspectives as they play Roblox Isolator. There might be more side-by-side perspectives of the different experiments when Roblox Isolator gets updated in the future.

This video has the former WR Speedrun at 2:30 completion for both good ending and bad ending.

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Experiment #1 -
Secret Ending: Do everything normally until you hit the exit. Go back in the vents where the lever code is. The unopen door will now be unlocked and at least one person has to go inside the room. Go back to the exit and break down the door to get the secret ending escape badge.

Good Ending : You must avoid chemical storage and go through the door with the hatchet

Bad Ending : You must go to chemical storage by choosing the wrong side of what your partner tells you

TIP #1: Whoever loads in first gets the side inputting the code, and whoever loads in last gives the code for the other player.

TIP #2: The code for the 4 levers will always be "down, up, down down".

TIP #3: In the hatchet team, your partner has to press the red activation button FIRST before you both press the white emergency buttons in the crate obby rooms.

TIP #4: Leaving the game will void your partner's availability for the experiment. Both of you will be kicked from the game.

@Too Simple

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Roblox Isolator: secret ending w/ side-by-side perspectives -

Music Used in Roblox Isolator:
Freddy's Sister Location OST - "Watch Your 6"
Five Nights at Candy's Remastered OST - "Forgotten Theme"
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night OST - "Last Breath"
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night OST - "Sleep No More"
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night OST - "Where Dreams Die"

Roblox Isolator Soundtrack:

This video is basically the closest thing you'll get to a speedrun and tutorial of this game. Are you ready to start Experiment #2?
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Nullxiety : Thank you for playing my game.
DECimotA : That’s so cool seeing it side-by-side, nice video!
bekki Quelch : For anyone who can’t get over the boxes, go onto the side of the moving thing and you can just walk over
Shibe Boi : this is impossible im so bad bro props to you you're actually good lmao
Ari Young : i got stop the experiment and literally suffocated because of fear for a whole minute after the lights turned red. im happy i did diving classes or i would be dead!

SOSA - Isolator

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blanc : ISOLATOR ⚠️
Harmonieux Et Effet ChriStophE : Great tune and excellent animation !!
Karla Medrano : Lo mejor de lo mejor ❤️
a n o t h e r w r l d : always doing perfect
Dustin : Its quite addictive, the more you listen the more you want. Isolator.

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milap pandya : This is one of the best video giving clarity of function of each component of isolator with single use system thanks Merck
Bairgachhimgdpry school : lolp09
Bairgachhimgdpry school : lolp09




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