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Fruity Knitting Tutorial - Darkness Coat

Full details on the pattern, wool and links to the individual video sections available on our website:

In this tutorial I'm going to take you right through the Darkness coat by Kim Hargreaves.

This is a great pattern for a first garment project. If you can confidently do the knit and purl stitch and cast on, then this is a great tutorial for you. I will show you all the other techniques used to complete and sew up the garment.
Sandra Nokes : What a beautiful coat! Wonderful tutorial.
qldteacher : So happy to see a beginners garment tutorial, thank you
Anita Cooper : Thank you so much. I have ordered STILL and am going to order the yarn. I think I can do this now. How kind you are to take your time to teach us. Please continue. Anita
Lydia Kelly : I made this beautiful coat for my daughter. I finished this morning T 2:45am! She is moving with her husband to California from Texas and I wanted her to take it with her. Your excellent lessons on pinning the garment to seam up and piece together is fantastic! Thank you so much!
Larahling : I love this Tutorial! I bought the book almost a year ago and fell in love with every single peace in it, but didn't feel confident enough to try a larger project. That's exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! More of this please!!!:-)

JW Anderson | Official 'Harry Styles' Cardigan Knitting Tutorial

Learn from our Senior Knitwear Designer, how to make our Colourblock Patchwork Cardigan now! Make sure you tag us in your cardigan pictures, we want to see them.

Download the cardigan pattern here:

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Bernie Pinilla : The fact that they had no obligation to do this yet they decided to it anyway to help us out made me love this brand so much. When I'm rich and can afford haute couture clothing I am definitely buying from their store
sydney sviben : Most expensive brands don’t do this because they want people to buy their product, but they’re different. I’m so happy they decided to show us how to do it because most of us don’t have enough money to buy this
hidayah ghani : god bless y'all, you guys didn't need to release the pattern or upload this video, yet you did. thank you for encouraging all of us to create, regardless of whether it's our first knitting project or our 50th
michelle tanuwijaya : the way this cardigan is now called the “Harry Styles” cardigan
Life as Sabrina : When you said it doesn’t have to look perfect it gave me hope

knitting vlog#12| my novice cardigan 2.0 | petiteknit | tynn silk mohair yarn by sandnes garn

#novicecardiganmohairedition #knitwear


My Size: S

Yarn: Sandnes Garn- Tynn Silk Mohair Yarn
Color- 8521 Light Dusty Green
9 balls prepared and 210g used in total

Buttons: 15mm

Tubular bind off in round:

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Gillian Yong : This very beautiful im going to make one for myself after my needle arrive
audrey christabelle : the cardigan looks so pretty! your video is honestly so motivating to knit <3 what needle size did u use?
drip flop : i went out and bought some mohair yarn today!! your vids are inspiring me to make a new sweater !!! >.<
Sheryl Andersson : Beautiful work
Linnea Anderson : this is so pretty!




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