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What Does MIPS Do? | Cycling Helmets, Concussion & Brain Injuries

The MIPS technology is an added safety system built into helmets specifically designed to reduce rotational motion that may otherwise be transferred to the brain in the event of a crash. Unfortunately crashing can be part of our sport and our brains are vulnerable to damage resulting from rotational motion. Concussion is a term widely used to describe the symptoms of certain damage to the brain tissue caused by head injuries often resulting from rotational motion to the head, but the severity of concussions can be wide ranging and is often misunderstood. Follow us behind the scenes to learn more about helmet safety and what rotational motion really means.

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Have you ever suffered from a brain injury or concussion?

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Leave us a comment below!
truetierra : I've also just thought - high end expensive helmet = safe. Am literally ordering a MIPS equipped helmet now. Fantastic video. Thanks team :-)
Chris66able : Absolute nonsense. There is no valid, conclusive research by independent bodies that support these findings. The ONLY people that claim they are accurate also just happen to be trying to sell you their product. Why do Scooters, Mopeds, and other low powered propelled vehicles not endorse Cycling standard helmets then if they are so safe ! The hemet brigade paying up to £300 for plastic & polystyrene are simpletons. If you can't protect your head from injury at speeds of 25mph or lower then you are disabled.
IURIi ILiN : On the cyclists helmets must throw a load of 22.5 kilograms from a height of 180 centimeters. That's how bicycle forks are checked. Try to do it.
Jeff : If mips is so good then why has it not been installed on every helmet,no it just doubles the price of a standard helmet.£££$$$$
Calebe Teles : Is it really a thing?
Bc if needs such a perfect fit, how would we know we are having it fitting the right way in our heads?
Their product and test system should account for people not fitting it so perefectly.
binaryblog : This is the most interesting video I have seen this week on YT and I'm not even searched for it. I will definitely buy a new helmet. Is the helmet comfort the same with mips?
CopenSomeGrizzly : What I don't understand is the helmet testing with a Mannequin head only.

That does not reflect real life impact, considering you have a 185 lb flesh vehicle below your head and neck. This fact changes the forces applied to your brain and neck. ‍♂️
R Terry : You should have the weight of the entire body attached to the test heads for it to be an actual true to life test.
Luke Morgan : i was doing a dh run on a trail near mine and didnt realise a branch has droped down lower on a tree and i went straight in to it but thankgod helmet hit and took the impact and i was fine as mips took care of it i recommend mips 100% saved me serious injuries to head for sure
Kiriiya : So hard to gauge swedish engineers. Is it that they don't know what they're talking about or that the language barrier is creating that illusion?

Mips Explained Mtb

Short movie showing the Mips Brain Protection System inside the POC Trabec Race Mips helmet.
MrKranky90 : Worst Explanation video ever
TastySanchez : Well that didn't really explain much at all apart from a 3 second video was hoping for some more detail
christine bron : So glad I got this!✳>share4.photo/PocHelmet?en    It tightens down snug and functions just as expected. It also has plenty of air vents and I don’t sweat near as much in this as I did my previous helmet.
Paulo Eduardo Gazola : My first MIPS helmet is just arriving! I hope not test it so soon - last year I've crashed and ripped a part of my shoulder labrum. Helmet and googles/glasses are obviously obligatory, elbow and knee protection are recommendable. But even with all this, allways there is the risk of serious injury to bones, neck and spine. Wear helmet and ride safely!
Hej Du : dident explain a shit
Rafael Bomfim : I like. I Trust MIPS ! from Manaus in the middle of the Amazon. tack så mycket

MIPS Architecture Basics - 1

Please like \u0026 subscribe for more CS based tutorials! :)
Bean Green : Extremely helpful
Rakshitha Raj : great explanation, however shouldn't the opcode of R-type be always 0 and the operation be specified in the "funct"?
Mazhar Abbas : I came here to refresh my knowledge. You've explained everything in a good way. However, 5 bits are needed to address any of 32 registers.
Yash Pandit : @4:07 how 5 bits of registers can hold 32 bits of data?
Stefan S : thank you ! very easy to understand concerning content but also concerning your language, because you dont have as much accent as comparable Indian youtubers and because you speak english.
Christopher Reyes : Very helpful video thank you.
Raisa Begum : Thank you very much..you make it very simple to understand.
Erastus Toe : This was extremely helpful. Thanks a lot!
felixpk2 : The funct isn't just all zeros (when adding). Instead the OP-Code ist all zeros, which stands for arithmetic operation, and then the funct decides which arithmetic operation is done in the ALU
Hukmran Hussain : THANKS




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